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Sunday, October 29, 2006

the pedicure

when I was a little girl,
my mom told me told me
"you're legs are so short and
plump for you to wear a skirt"
this disturbs me a lot

today as the parlor lady
touched my feet to do the pedicure
I had all these ticklish feelings
running all through my veins

not only because I was embarrassed
but also as I am very touch-sensitive
the lady was grumpy and
kept staring at me
though I tried hard
to keep a straight face,
it was evident that
I could not stop smiling

she started scrubbing
on my soles, and I almost jumped up
toppling the bowl of water
on her gown, Oh boy!

I was so glad when
it was finally over
the lady said
"you meet me before you go"
and I felt she probably
wants to yell at me

yet I went to meet her
and she told me this
"you've most softest
legs I've ever massaged"


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