little miss anu

Location: India

There is so much to me, and yet i have such a longlong way to go. I am still discovering myself...everyday i will tell u something more about me

Saturday, September 30, 2006

afternoon siesta

today I entered my enchanted garden alone
as I did not want to imagine you with me

I just felt the sadness in my heart
and I walked to the banks all alone
sat on the green soft grass
and lied down facing the sweet lake

a little furry snow white rabbit
came running to me
and lay down next to me
and placed its head gently
on my extended hand

the beautiful swan
from behind nuzzled something
into my ears as if he were
whispering some sweet nothings to me

and I fell asleep

a bit of you

and then there are times
when I'm wondering where you are
would you be wondering about me too

won't you want to feel
my soft sensual lips on yours
my slender arms around your neck

as I wander in my imaginations
wondering if at all I'll meet you, this lifetime
I'm feeling restless loving you
and being utterly loved by you
in my fantasies alone

might I have a bit of you in real?

Friday, September 29, 2006

I wonder

how can you
my dear,
a thin green
single blade of grass
stand so tall and strong
without any support?

Some day
I'll know your answer
but for now I rejoice
in your elegance and wonder.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

the picnic

I weave
my dreams as tall
as the mountains reaching out to the skies

I measure
the depth of my soul
in the deep blue waters of the lake

I blush
feeling the tickle of
the green grass on my toes

I fly
fearless and carefree
on the swing, high up in the air

I drown
my fears and sorrows
in the tiny raindrops drenching me

I sing
my heart's song
with the soft breeze and bumble bees

I breathe
into life, love and laughter
as I chase colorful butterflies around

Thursday, September 21, 2006

perfect 120/80

today at dialysis
the muslim uncle
had low blood pressure

everyone got worried
as his eyes were closing
and he was feeling faint

the doctors, technicians
and nurses
had already given him saline
and glucose water

they told him they'll
now have to give him injections
and medicines
but he simply refused to take them

he said he knows
what's his miracle medicine and said
"just let me look at anu's face once
and talk to her for a few seconds."

so I went to his bed
holding my hand he spoke to me
for a few seconds
then the doctor took his blood pressure

with an absolutely amazed
look on his face and
looking into my eyes
the doctor said,
"perfect 120/80 !!!"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

coffee and cranes

sipping coffee in the pantry,
a dozen snow white cranes
with perfect hour glass figures
glide across the horizon

the never-finishing b-day cake

I thought I was distributing cakes
to everyone on my birthday
but now I realize,
I’m actually distributing joy
I’m creating ways to feel gladness
by spreading gladness around me

Thursday, September 14, 2006

the climb

tickling his toes
she moves her soft hands
over his strong calves
her long beautiful fingers
caressing his sensual inner thighs

climbing on him slowly
she kisses his hardness and
takes his manhood in her mouth
as he holds her head really close

his sweet warm juices spurt on her face
like a powerful meteor in the galaxy
her pink tongue eagerly licking it
looking right into his deep brown eyes
overflowing with a great satisfaction
and unconditional love for her

the beautiful green creeper
clings tightly to his brown handsome bark
as the tree hugs her affectionately
so very close to his heart

the hello

today once again
a tiny golden leaf
of the size of a rain drop
gave up its home and
let the breeze carry it
down the road
to land just near my running vehicle
so that my eyes fall on it
and it can greet me
a warm loving hello

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the laughing blob of soap

yesterday while taking bath
my big round sandalwood soap
slipped from my hands and
fell on the pink bathroom tiles

the soap was wet and soft
and it fell like a blob
becoming a bit flat
and stuck to the tiles

the round blob of soap
looked so cute and funny
that I burst out laughing
without picking it up

something so wonderful
about its sense of humor
that I can’t stop smiling
even as I type this poem

the meeting

he waits for her
at twilight,
beyond the horizon
near the deep blue ocean

as she turns her head
and gazes at him,
she colors his world
with the color of her eyes

yesterday he was rosy pink
today she painted him peach

such eternal lovers,
who may
never meet in real,

the sky and the earth

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the maid named Anu

there is a maid in my office,
who keeps the 4th floor rest room clean
she is about 25 yrs young
and her name is also Anu

she is very thin and dark
looks almost undernourished
her black curly hair oiled
and always tied into a tight bun

her husband died when she was 22 yrs
and she has a 3 yr old son who adores her
she goes about her day so cheerfully
and has the most vibrant smile of all

for reasons I don’t know,
this Anu absolutely adores me
she waits eagerly to greet me daily
and my presence lights up her days
she talks about me to all her friends
and misses me dearly when I’m not around

today I gave her a big chocolate bar
and she told me how much she loves me
sometimes the simplest of the people
present us with the loveliest of the affections

Thursday, September 07, 2006

being stalked

today on my way to work,
I kept glancing to my right side and left side
observing the proud trees and the joyful green grass
and suddenly I felt like I'm being watched

as I turned my head,
I saw a lemonish yellow butterfly
sneaking away stealthily
right in front of my rickshaw

then as I crossed the lake,
there he was, again rushing past me
and this time, taking a nice look at my face

and when I was on the highway
I saw him again, smiling and waving out to me
as he flew right in front of me once again

by now I was having this mischievous smile
on my face and my big beautiful eyeballs
were dancing all over wondering from where
this naughty lemonish yellow butterfly will appear now!

You have so distracted me
my darling lemonish yellow butterfly
I love how you steal naughty looks of me
while I'm looking elsewhere

such a tiny precious being you are,
yet you arouse so much excitement in me
We'll meet again, I am sure,
when the sun shines brightly
just you and me
in the deep dark woods…

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

beautiful blues

I’m at work today
all excited and enthusiastic
for no reason at all

wearing an electric blue blouse
and sky blue jeans
long dangling ear-rings
of light and dark blue studs

my face is glowing golden
and my lips adorn a vibrant smile
my eyes are shining like real stars
and my black hair falls
lovingly on my shoulders

the weather outside is so complimentary
to my attire today
deep blue skies and
tiny transparent rain drops

Is there a more beautiful day?
or a more beautiful anu?

the newspaper delivery boy

in pouring rains
at around 7 am everyday
arrives at my doorstep
a teenage boy
with clothes totally drenched
wearing an old brown windcheater
and a black plastic hat

he is the newspaper delivery boy
and he drops the daily paper
’The Times Of India’
through the grills of my door

though the boy is always dripping wet
his papers feel so warm to touch
neatly folded, crisp and dry
scented with the morning dust
and smelling of freshly printed words

I run to open the door daily,
not to read the paper,
but to merely feel the warmth
and the crispiness of it in my hands
and to smell the sweet flavor
emanating from it

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


one face turned all red
cheeks blushing deep rosy pink
eyes so distracted and
lips hiding a mischievious smile
like millions of little naughty secrets
tripping over her lips stealthily

another remains so still and calm
soothing lavender for the soul
even the harsh southern winds
could not make her battle an eyelid
as she glides along the snow white clouds
like a goddess basking in eternal bliss

two faces of the same sky
one on my right
another, on my left

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm back

I'm so glad to be back again. My computer crashed last saturday and returned back only today (Sun afternoon). I'm so sorry dear readers if you came here to read and did not find any posts. But I'm here again :) Kissssssssssss