little miss anu

Location: India

There is so much to me, and yet i have such a longlong way to go. I am still discovering myself...everyday i will tell u something more about me

Thursday, August 24, 2006

taste my lips

my soft sensual full lips
naturally pink in color
and so sweet to taste

when I smile
their beautiful shape
lights up your face
when I pout
electric currents
pass through your body

smooth colorful silky petals
so eager to smooch my lips
their invisible tongue
longs to suck the honey
from my tongue for the bees

the rain drops rushing down
to wet my lips
to melt in my mouth
and to become one with me

my soft sensual full lips
naturally pink in color
fills your heart with
an innocent sweetness
when you’ve tasted them

the little red riding hood

fresh soft silky breeze
caressing my skin
as I ride through the woods
like the little red riding hood
I’ve no wolf waiting to devour me though
only warm sweet loving grandmom
eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of me

white slim figure conscious cranes
land so very gently on the green meadows
the wild crazy grass is still drunk
dancing shedding its inhibitions in its intoxicated state
the huge trees embrace the space around me from both sides
keeping me safe

this little red riding hood
is carrying lots of love, kisses and hugs
in her basket
for her grandmom and late grandfather
whom she loves so dearly

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

wake up call

Dearest sweetie,
wake up the sun is shining,
the moon has gone to bed,
the stars are cuddling with each other,
the flowers are on duty to please you,
the grass is already dancing to entertain you,
the wind is blowing on your soft skin to feel you,
wake up darling,
it is time to rejoice...your day is waiting for you!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

the blessed bed

sun rays drizzling
soft smooth raindrops falling stealthily
on a labourer fast asleep
with his knees bent
on a top of a wall
breath of which is about 7 inches
and with his black torn umbrella
above his head
to shelter him

Friday, August 18, 2006

just for today..

just for today
I'll be happy
just for today
I'll guard my peace of mind
just for today
I'll experience every single moment
just for today
I'll smile my brightest smile
just for today
I'll breathe deeply and relax
just for today
I'll dare to be fully alive

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

my lips

I have two lips
one horizontal
and another vertical

my horizontal lips are nice to smooch
and my vertical lips are great to be licked

this poem is about my vertical lips
which are presently hidden in black curly hairs
one of these days when I trim my forests
I'll see those vertical lips once again

they are loveliest when they are bald
thick and fleshy, slightly open and always a little wet

and there are those days when I sit
with my legs spread wide apart
take my fingers and open my vertical lips
the thin pink clit leaps out shaking
trembling like a tender leaf and
the thick white silky stream of sweet juice
leaks out of my hot pusssssssy

be careful, when you taste me dear
the fire in me may burn your delicate tongue..

horny holidays

holidays make me horny
I wake up with a leaking puss
and my mind weaving nasty fantasies

standing in front of the mirror
I stare at my naked body

it turns me on to see
my pink soft nipples now pouting out badly
wanting to be sucked
my hairy jungle down soaking wet with
milky rivers flowing down my inner thighs

what an utterly nasty bitch I look like
with a totally fucked up expression on my face

I can't resist anymore...
I squeeze my tits with one hand and
insert my index finger in my fuckhole
and fuck myself up like a shameless little whore...

Independence Day

2 A.M.
15th August
wide awake and listening to
Independence Day songs on

a deep kiss on
those beautiful lips which utter
my beloved

(I've taken off the picture of my country's flag which I had here as a mark of respect)

Monday, August 14, 2006

the look!

today, early morning, as I was
wearing a scarf around my neck in the rick
to prevent my hair from flying
I felt I was being watched intently

I saw a small little girl
on her way to school
staring at me so purposefully

I smiled at her and waved out to her
but she did not react
and yet did not take her eyes off me
still staring at me so very intensely
so deep in thought as if
she was solving an algebra problem

I’ll never know what she was thinking about me
but I’ll never forget the expression on her
lovely apple face and brilliant awestruck eyes

the leaf

to be as light as the leaf
so as to float in the air
to be as joyful as the leaf
so as to laugh even when falling
to be as smart as the leaf
which knows where to land,
yet confuses the seer
to allow oneself to get muddy like the leaf
trusting that the universe will bathe it clean
to be able to let go like the leaf
the very tree which gave it birth
as it merges with the earth
embracing new beginings
with love and passion.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

between your legs

when your cock gets hard and erect
it creates space for me between your legs

the bitch in me cannot but resist
succumbing to your hardness

I stagger onto my knees and
reach out between your legs

with your throbbing manhood rubbing on my face
my pink tongue leaps out to lick your cum filled balls

my mouth then opens up hungrily to take you in,
my eyes looking directly into yours,

you explode into my mouth
screaming my name out..loud

swallowing every drop of your cum
still looking into your eyes
I feel your great love for me!

the connect

early morning 6 A.M.
so eager I'm to go to my aikido class
to do something I'm so very passionate about

to feel the feelings of estascy and excitement
to feel the deep connection with myself
to feel the love from inside

this is just one aspect of my life
how wonderful it would be to work towards
filling my days and nights with all that I dearly love

Friday, August 11, 2006


Today is traditional day at work
so I’m in a gorgeous red saree
wearing gold bangles and earrings
and a necklace, looking so lovely

yet I’m feeling disturbed and distracted
and very conscious of myself
as not many girls have worn a saree

my colleague, Shraddha,
who looks very simple and sweet
on the other hand, is so very cool
she neither needs any attention
nor seeks approval from anyone

she is totally into herself
focused in her and
feeling good of herself
while I’m still struggling
with my discomfort due to
lack of trust in myself

Thursday, August 10, 2006

the wait

as I turn towards the long winding road
through the hills,
a thousand tiny green and yellow leaves
of the size of a rain drop,
shower on me, taking me by surprise
as if they were waiting just for me.

one such tiny leaf
still adornes my hair!


four of you surround me, as I ride in my rick
but I'm not afraid of you, you're so very adorable

I see your wrinkled black skin
and almost touched you with my soft hands
I see the precious black hair on your body
and your kingly but slow walk

I see you looking at me from the corner of your eye
white eyeballs with a tiny black shining pearl in it
never ever before have I seen such kind loving eyes
you're my grandpa's favorite

I wish I'd jumped out of my rick and rode on you instead,
you'll take me to work safely, won't you? dear elephants!

the bubble

bubble, bubble
transaparent big bubble

I see,
the rainbow colors in you
on a floroscent electric violet background
the atoms and molecules
shimmerring and dancing in you
like huge waves rushing towards
the edges wanting to explode into air
yet all well protected and secured
in a tiny thin delicate circle
like you contain the universe in you

bubble, bubble
my toothpaste bubble
you know you live only for moments
when the soft breeze kisses you
you'll burst and merge with him
yet you give your one moment in time
all that what you can be
no regrets, no wantings, no cravings
utter untouched innocent trust in yourself
even though you know you may burst any moment

bubble, bubble
my darling bubble
you inspire me!

Monday, August 07, 2006

the birth of the flower

for the last five months
the brick has been trying to fall
already cracked a finger and a toe
now too scared to fall
for broken bones
are bound to hurt

yet everyday
the brick tried
only to come back home
in peices
with a shatterred
sense of confidence

the brick rolled
in a full circle
and landed softly

the brick is
as the flower!

(my experiences in learning the forward roll in aikido)

To you special friends

to all my sweet loving
sugar coated
choco mallow
milk shaky
honey dipped
cheez melting
orange juicymozzarella
pepperoni spicy bacon
icy peanut butterFRIENDS
on this Friendship Day
HAPPY Friendship Day
wish's for u...
............(...(`.-``'´´-.´)...)..........12 months of happiness
..............)......--.......--....(...........52 weeks of fun
............./......(o..._...o)....\..........365 days of success
.............\........(..0..)......./..........8,760 hours of gud health
..........__.`.-._...'='.._.-.´.__.......525,600 minutes of blessings
......./.......'#.'#.,.--.,.#'.#.'.... ..\....
.......\__))..........'#'......... ((__/.....
__ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

- By Unknown

Friday, August 04, 2006

two sides of the hill road

a film star
driving in his Mercedes Benz
through the hills,
hundreds of people
gathered to catch a glimpse of him,
traffic jams and total commotion
just to touch his hand or get a look from him

on the other side of the same road,
a little green leaf
has turned baby pink today
and is dancing away in joy,
only my big eyes marveling
this exquisite beauty and grace

Life’s precious little moments

two school girls
at an earring seller
standing facing each other
putting earrings in each other’s ears

two college girls
on the way to the temple
one loaded with books and papers
and another holding a bowl of flowers,
essence sticks and a lamp
the latter is in a burkha*!

(*burkha is a concealing over garment worn by Muslim women)


sometimes small, sometimes long
in different colors
studs, bells, rings, long hanging
dainty pretty little earrings
how my ears totally adore them!

some match with my dresses
and some are a total contrast,
some the color of sun rays
and some the silver of the moon

the best gifts I give myself
are a pair of beautiful earrings