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Monday, July 17, 2006

Reply to comments

Sorry friends, i cannot for the life of mine figure out how to set this blogger problem right. But let me appreciate that at least i can post. However, what saddens me is that, everyday i rush home and switch on my computer and read the comments, reply to them and read all of your blogs and comment on it. This was a part of my life. And now i'm sitting here alone, not knowing what to do, wondering how you all must be. All i can say is i'm so angry and i wish this problem gets sorted out fast.

I wonder if others from Bombay are facing the same problem. I tried accessing blogspot from work, i got the same error. I can recieve all your comments on my email so please dont stop commenting, i'll feel so alone without anyone writing to me. Meanwhile, i'll try my best to reply to your comments through a post itself.

Mumbai guy: You are right, the date was a mistake, i was half asleep when i was publishing that post lol. Thanks :)

The Beast: I wonder who you are and how you had this sudden interest to look into all my archives and leave comments everywhere. Thanks for your opinions, especially the sarcastic ones. Oh and i loved the animated movie, "The Beauty and the Beast" and i've always been fascinated by Beasts ;)

Ozy -
Blasting of the soul: What a sweet and lovely poem you've written dear Ozy. Some day i'll collect all these tini-mini poems by you, make a book out of it, and send them to you. The title of the book, "Ozy's comments to Anu's posts". How's dat?

till we are together: Sometimes i wonder, if i can feel as much merely by imagining and fantasicing, what would happen if i were to be held or kissed in real?

unable to see..: Thanks for your warmth and concern, Ozy. I miss reading your poems.

Steve: Thank you for your comments, hope you're doing well.

Wdky: I'm also SO very angry, wdky. How i wish this problem gets sorted out real quick. I can't wait to see your blogs again! Great HNT pics btw. Delicious ;)

If i've missed replying to anyone, my apologies!


Anonymous The Beast said...

I am just an ugly beast
And a passionate lover

11:38 PM, July 17, 2006  
Blogger WDKY said...

Anu, I love you even more because you've been taken away from me temporarily :-)

I'm glad you liked my little present. You're rather delicious yourself.

4:00 AM, July 18, 2006  
Blogger Steve said...

I am doing fine honey.

Miss you though!

3:16 AM, July 24, 2006  

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