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There is so much to me, and yet i have such a longlong way to go. I am still discovering myself...everyday i will tell u something more about me

Sunday, July 30, 2006


you stand so tall on the ground,
stubborn is your love for her
and straightforward is your approach

yet you let her flirt with the sky
dance dirty with the wind
go berserk with her feelings and emotions

you're love is so free and so easy, coconut tree
you don't need to own her, posess her and promise to her
your palm leaves kiss the stars in the sky,
yet her love roots are burried deep in your heart
infact she sprouts from!


sitting on the window sill
my awestruck eyes
marvel at the freshness
of the floroscent green
grass and leaves
as they suck away my negativity

a little myna is pecking worms
from the wet grass

a little truth shines through my eyes
and a drop of smile wets my lips

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Good Morning!

every morning
a big transparent, floruscent,
rainbow coloured bubble
greets me 'Good Morning'
and makes me smile
when i squeeze the tooth-paste
on my tooth-brush

Monday, July 24, 2006


yesterday night
suddenly i felt breathless
my heart was beating faster
and my breaths very becoming shorter

I went to the other room
where everyone else was sleeping
my sis was awake though
I told her: I'm scared, will you sleep with me?
she merely mumbled: you'll be fine
and went to the loo

I went back to my room
and sat there alone near the window
a few leaves moved
telling me that I'm not alone
I've been taking deep breaths
since then
and not had sleep at all

as I type this to you
my head feels like it's been hammerred
by thousands of iron rods

their kiss on my lips

I saw a kissing scene
in a movie
as they kissed each other
i just stared at them
a sweet smile broke out of my face
and when they were done with it
I closed my eyes
electric currents rushed through my veins
and I could feel their kiss on my lips

Sunday, July 23, 2006

the seven hole shower

the feeling of the tiny warm droplets
on my soft silky brown beautiful skin
the Oooooos and aaaaaaahs
that leave my mouth, so naturally,

as i stand there under the shower
which has just seven holes in it
and even as the pure transparent water
falls in one straight line on me,
and I move under the shower
to ensure every drop falls on me

something about pure blue waters
even if they fall from just seven holes of the shower
that sucks away the impurities and the fears
the insecurities and the cravings
that leaves me with a feeling
of deep contentment
and child-like bliss


pain is a great teacher
just that sometimes it kills its students
but only to be born anew
or should I say 'anu'

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Some annonyomous bot has left 40 automated comments in my archive. I went crazy deleting them from my e-mails. I don't have the time and the patience to delete them from my blog. I dont want bots eating my time and space here. So I'm removing the option to comment Anonyomously. I don't want bots clutterring my emails and blogs. Sorry for the inconvenience if you're using them.

Friday, July 21, 2006

hot food in pouring rains!

heavy rains
windcheaters and umbrellas everywhere

a family
whose home is the footpath

the mother
cooking rice in an aluminium vessel on charcoal fire

her three children giggling
and holding a plastic sheet above the vessel
to prevent the rain drops from filling it.

reply to CBox comments

I got a site where I can type my blog address and visit my own blog and reply to comments. Thank you Ozy for the site reference :)

My replies to the comments on the Chatter Box are below:

amrit - thanks, I'm fine

Mr frame - Thank you Mr frame for keeping me in your thoughts. I can't wait to see your new pictures :)

Scruffy - What a surprise! I'm hearing from you after a long time. Thank you. How are your friends, who live near that platform. If you want, and you give me their address, I can visit them and see if they need any help.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

feeling my tight skirt

today I’ve worn
my favorite long tight blue jeans skirt and a white blouse.
this skirt hugs my tight round ass really tight
and tapers down so very casually

I love the way I feel
when I move,
taking tiny steps
even as my skirt holds me so close to myself

something so special about feeling sensual
about yourself
especially, when it has nothing to do with
whether or not anyone notices you ;)

reply to comments

The Beast: I liked the poem very much, Beast. Thank you for sharing it with me:) Who knows what's ugly and what's beautiful, Mr Beast? It's a matter of perception. But, yes i know for sure that Beasts are passionate lovers and they're oh so romantic too!

Wdky- Aaah, how beautiful i feel, to wake up and read these precious words from you: 'I love you'. Thank you, sweetheart. Now you've me smiling throughout the day.

Monday, July 17, 2006

the poor man and his cat

In one corner of the pavement,
beside the huge garbage bin,
is a small tent made of blue plastic
where the flooring is mud and tiny stones
and kerosene lantern lights up the nights
few empty utensils and a charcoal fire burning
the poor man is fast asleep on the mud floor
with no bed sheets to cover him

just outside the tent house,
on his only broken wooden chair,
a little fluffy white cat sleeps soundly
feeling warm and cozy
covered by a thick white cement sack

Reply to comments

Sorry friends, i cannot for the life of mine figure out how to set this blogger problem right. But let me appreciate that at least i can post. However, what saddens me is that, everyday i rush home and switch on my computer and read the comments, reply to them and read all of your blogs and comment on it. This was a part of my life. And now i'm sitting here alone, not knowing what to do, wondering how you all must be. All i can say is i'm so angry and i wish this problem gets sorted out fast.

I wonder if others from Bombay are facing the same problem. I tried accessing blogspot from work, i got the same error. I can recieve all your comments on my email so please dont stop commenting, i'll feel so alone without anyone writing to me. Meanwhile, i'll try my best to reply to your comments through a post itself.

Mumbai guy: You are right, the date was a mistake, i was half asleep when i was publishing that post lol. Thanks :)

The Beast: I wonder who you are and how you had this sudden interest to look into all my archives and leave comments everywhere. Thanks for your opinions, especially the sarcastic ones. Oh and i loved the animated movie, "The Beauty and the Beast" and i've always been fascinated by Beasts ;)

Ozy -
Blasting of the soul: What a sweet and lovely poem you've written dear Ozy. Some day i'll collect all these tini-mini poems by you, make a book out of it, and send them to you. The title of the book, "Ozy's comments to Anu's posts". How's dat?

till we are together: Sometimes i wonder, if i can feel as much merely by imagining and fantasicing, what would happen if i were to be held or kissed in real?

unable to see..: Thanks for your warmth and concern, Ozy. I miss reading your poems.

Steve: Thank you for your comments, hope you're doing well.

Wdky: I'm also SO very angry, wdky. How i wish this problem gets sorted out real quick. I can't wait to see your blogs again! Great HNT pics btw. Delicious ;)

If i've missed replying to anyone, my apologies!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

unable to see any published page

Hi Friends, i can only post. I cannot see my own pages and i cannot see anyof yor pages too.
I can read your comments as they come into my email. But i cannot reply to them as i cannot access my homepage. I dont know what to do now. So please bear with me and hopefully this problem will be sorted out on its own.

The requested URL could not be retrieved
While trying to retrieve the URL:
The following error was encountered:
Connection Failed

This is the error i'm getting, on every blog which i access. I miss tasting a slice of your life from your blog.
Kisses n Hugs to you

till we are together

since the day you smiled at me
my eyes are always searching for you
my heart yearns to reach out to you
and everyday I wait for something magical to happen
between you and me

I wonder what it would be like,
to talk to you, to listen to your stories
to hold your hands and look into your big beautiful eyes

I long to tell you what I feel about you
to give you the little poems I write, about us
and to feel the joy of my affections being reciprocated by you

I know, maybe, none of this may ever happen
I know, ,maybe, you aren’t even thinking about me

Yet, I am so glad you smiled at me
for I can now create these role-plays in my mind
and imagine how life would be,
if we were together!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

blasting of the soul

Peak evening hours
6 million people traveling home from work
Seven bombs on seven different trains
hundreds dead and thousands injured,
crippled and handicapped for life

I sit numb here, thinking about
the factory worker who has lost his arms,
the promo editor who has lost his eyes,
the cricket player who has lost his legs,
the pregnant woman who has had an abortion,
the college girl who has a disfigured face now….

I’m terrified to even imagine
myself without an eye or a limb or a disfigured face
Yet, I’m not feeling ‘Thank God, it was not ME’
Because this feeling itself is born out of
fear of a probability of loss and great pain

There is something in between here to notice
I wonder if there is a forest fire
whether the trees which do not get burnt to ashes
feel like how I do, right now.
Do they thank the heavens that they escaped?
Do they congratulate themselves that they did not create that reality?
or Do they know deep inside that, in the end, it is OK to be burnt as much as to be alive!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

just for a smile

what shall i do to get a smile from you?

sun (says): shall i throw golden rays at you
wave: ohhh, i can rock you like crazy, when you're in my arms
breeze: may i french kiss you, like you've never been kissed before
grass: i can dance till eternity for you
flower: look! i bloomed for you
moss: i long for your touch, for your fingers to gently carress me
mud: i have foot-festish, i love your feet on my body
sky: may i embrace you with love from all sides

all this is just for you,
for your one smile, just makes my day!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the school girl

in the pouring rains,
stands a seven year old little girl
in her brown uniform
on the pavement
with an umbrella

she has a huge bag of books
on her back
and her big black eyes are
eagerly searching for the school bus

seeing the excitement in her eyes
i smile, as i see her
holding her umbrella tightly
to prevent the winds from blowing it away

my smile fades away
as my gaze reaches
the end of her arms and i see,
she has no palms
and no fingers

i look up into her eyes again,
they are not sorry!

Monday, July 03, 2006

public display

once on a saturday afternoon,
a holiday at work
a day with a very low attendence

a nasty horniness was brewing in me
i wanted to do something really wild
i was wearing jeans and a cotton blouse

i went to the toilet
took off my panties
and my bra
and put them in my purse
wore my clothes back
and went back to my seat

unzipped my jeans and
stuck my pencil in my pussy
pulled it out and licked the cum nastily
and walked around the office
with my zippers open
my pussy hair wildly sticking out
and my nipples popping out of my blouse

feeling my naked leaking pussy
on my inner thighs
and pulling my nipples from over the blouse
i went back home that day
totally nude inside

some real nasty indulgences of mine..

Saturday, July 01, 2006

the garbage removers

it is raining so heavily here
and on my way to work,
i see garbage removers
in their bermuda shorts
and their sandals
with no masks and
no sometimes, no hand gloves too
totally drenched in the rains

collecting all the garbage
litterred in the street corner
stinking and so obnoxious
that people passing by
feel so breathless and
go covering their noses
with handkerchiefs
and with a frown on their faces

but the garbage removers,
some who are young teenage boys,
handsome looking with amazing bodies.
are so focussed in their work
they dont smell the stink
they dont see the garbage as 'yikes! so dirty'
and they are not trying to sneak away from it

standing there with the long strong legs in the litter
and picking them up with their hands
to load them in the dirty green garbage truck,
they are quick and focussed in their work
laughing cracking jokes amongst themselves and,
occassionally looking up at a pretty girl passing by
and smiling to themselves...