little miss anu

Location: India

There is so much to me, and yet i have such a longlong way to go. I am still discovering myself...everyday i will tell u something more about me

Sunday, May 28, 2006


i just want to
lay my head on your lap
and you stroke my hair lovingly
while i drift off to sleep
dreaming about us..

Saturday, May 27, 2006

the rush

some days i want to rush home
to unzip your pants
slip my hands into your undies
and slowly take your dick out.

stand there holding your growing dick
in my soft hands
my eyes looking into your eyes,
my heart wondering what you are feeling,
my nose breathing the scent of your exposed dick, and
my tongue dripping saliva, to lick your hardness..

snow in summer

as i walked in the hot sun,

I looked up
and saw snow in the blue skies (really!)

I knew (mischievous smile)
god was skiing up there!

Friday, May 26, 2006

the special wink!

I and my four friends
were taking an evening walk,

I saw a mad man
with torn, dirty clothes and ruffled hair,
sitting under a tree with his knees bent,
his arms around his knees,
gazing intently at a branch bending over him.

While I was wondering what he must be thinking,
he suddenly turned around and winked at me (LOL)
I have still not recovered from that special wink,
I burst out laughing when ever i think of it.

To think that he chose to wink at me
of the other four lovely beautiful girls beside me,
and to think that probably I may have some of his crazy tendencies
is making me feel so funny.

Now, I feel I've totally lost it! HaHaHaHa
But, isn't it fun to lose it all, sometimes,
so that we can begin anew (anu)*

(P.S: a special friend once wrote to me anew = anu)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

what a tease!

you've hidden the greatest, deepest
and highest form of Love
in me
while I long to be loved by another

you are such a tease, O Universe!

my kind of love

I feel
my love for you is
so soft and tender

I dare not
touch it with my fingers
of expectations and commitments

for what if they melt in the air?

I’d rather let my feelings
float in the form of clouds towards you,
and rain sweet kisses
wetting your soft sensual lips.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Poem for me

A dearest and very special friend wrote this poem for me :-)

On the shores of Ecstacy
lies Anu

With her hair messed
her limbs exhausted

and my sweet kiss
still on her lips

Saturday, May 20, 2006


and then, there are times
when i wonder, if,
when i am drowned in my feelings of lust & love for others
am i projecting my attention outside of Self
and hence it has a potential for dissapointment?

then as if by magic, the blade of grass
and a single green leaf
read my mind and answer to me this:

just as when the wind kisses us and carresses us,
we dance in estacy in his glory and become one with him,
let the soft cool breeze fuck us up totally,
in body, mind and spirit,
we give in and let her blow our minds away.

and when they leave,
we find our center in ourselves
basking in our own wondrous magnificience
not waiting, not wishing...
just smiling at the beauty of oneness

which we can feel in merger with ourselves
as much as with another

fuck at work

as i sit at work
i feel really distracted
feel something trickling down

i put my hands under my skirt
and touch my panties
oh my goodness they are soaking wet

i can feel the bitch in me coming out
as i rub spread my legs from under the table
and press my wet puss real hard on the chair

slowing rubbing it up and down
feeling my panties drenched with my
white thick juicy milk

i think how nasty i am
to masturbate in public
and the thought of someone watching me
rubbing my horny puss desperately on the chair
is making me so wild and crazy

pulling my panties to one side,
my thighs spread wide apart,
i seperate my vertical thick juicy lips
from under the table

i press my sensitive pink clit
on the chair
almost sitting on it,
with my tits hanging out
and my nipples erect

feeling like a desperate whore
fucking herself to release

Friday, May 19, 2006

my world of innocence

i am fine here with you,
in my world of fantasies

of sins and sinners
of whores and bastards
of naked bodies and stripped nude minds,

where there is
no pretense
no shame
no hiding

pure lust to satisfy our hunger and
unconditional love to quench our thirst

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

romance during coffee break

sitting alone in the cafeteria
during my coffee break
my world is static and still right now,

but I can see, the magnificent blue sky gliding by
carrying in his arms, his beloved,
the lovely clouds, dressed in her long snow-white flowing gown

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

amazing grace

sometimes I feel I am a sham, a fake
all these lovely poems I write here
am I really all of this or am I pretending?

today, everyone in my team, except me
got either a handy-cam or a digital camera
because they were all involved in the finalization process
well, i am into risk-management and not in accounts

at first I felt happy and excited for them but later,
as I saw them taking pictures with their camera recording videos,
their fun and laughter all around me
i remembered how much I wanted a digicam too
and my happiness turned into a strange feeling of loss

but what have I lost that I must cry for?
am I less than what I was before, just because someone got a digicam?
i remember my little beggar girl more than ever before now,
i wish I have half the character and elegance she had
when she returned the five coins yesterday..

it is so easy to see lovely things
and write beautiful poems about it,
but what a amazing grace is required,
to actually be..
the little beggar girl, or the swan, or the broken string..

Sunday, May 14, 2006

the beggar girl

i got down from the rick
and a little beggar girl, about four years old, rushed to me
she had coarse brown hair, an unclean face
she wore a dirty frock and she kept touching me
begging for money

i handed over ruppees and five coins
to the rick-driver, but the coins slipped from his hand
and rolled down the road

i thought now this little beggar girl will probably
pick them up and run
and i'll never be able to find her in the crowded stations

but to my amazement, she collected the coins patiently
and walked up to us and stood there with them in her open palm
with a smile on her face, handing them over to us

for a little girl, who hasn't eaten since morning,
and who probably can relax for the rest of the day with this earnings
she displayed so much character
there was such a dignity and grace in her

and at work, when we got our increment letters last friday,
we were all complaining because we always want more, More and MORE
and here, she stood with a proud elegance handing over the money, that was not hers,
with no greed and no resentment that she could have had that
or that life is being so unfair with her

what a beautiful girl she is, my little beggar girl
i happily handed over a coin to her, for this time she has more than earned it
and she ran merrily skipping by the road, not asking for more, just content with what she got!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

the real kiss

lips like soft lotus petals
long to be kissed intensely
tongue craving to dance with another

now my imaginations have
become so strong and intense,
that it matters not
that there is noone in real

all i need to do is, close my eyes
and i feel your deep kiss on my soft pink lips

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

my bed

lying cosyly on my
fluffy snow white cloud
so soft like a silky cotton ball
being warmed by the
cool rays of the moon
i often sleep in the sky

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the toll boy

at the base of the hill
a little teenage boy stands in his blue coat
collecting toll for entry

daily i just pay, collect my ticket
and i'm off on my way

today i looked into the eyes of the toll boy
as i paid him rupees seven
dark face, black hair and sparkling eyes he had
a slight smile broke out of my face
as i felt a strange connection with him

almost immediately, he gave me such a HUGE WIDE grin
i felt great warmth and affection in that moment
i felt love flowing into me as he eagerly handed me my green ticket
and said "thank you madam. have a nice day"

i've not stopped smiling since then

the search

4:30 am
sitting on my bed;

my two eyes
scan the orange sky
searching for something
in me

Sunday, May 07, 2006

the real princess

Someone who i like, asked me the other day, who do you think you are? (in good humor :-))

And i told them this (and i want to share this with you) :

I think i am a Princess. I feel like a REAL princess.

The reason why i feel i am a princess is because i am always striving for something higher (of myself), demanding more from myself (again of myself) and constantly working towards improving mySelf. I've always been like this right from i gained my consciousness in this physcial world. Just that earlier i trusted others, religions, parents, elders, books, gods and goddesses. I did my own shit and went through my series of f***-ups and will still make mistakes and have enough to fuck up i guess LOL. But i am also learning from what i have experienced and this realisation is making me feel empowered. So it did take a while to break those illusions (which seemed like absolute truths to me earlier) and reach this stage where i am, infact, looking up to myself for answers. I am more attuned to myself. Getting more in tune with me. I am listening to myself. I've begun to trust myself. And I am falling in love with my own essence.

And it is now that i am really enjoying my journey. And since i am mentally gratified that i am moving towards inner peace and joy and a feeling of harmony, i am begining to feel more and more happy and contended than ever before, with what i am and who i am. And the fact that i am recognising that , i can, to a great extent, live without endlesssly and mindlessly craving for and being obsessed with many things - be it food, money, even health (which is VERY important for most people to be happy) and yet continue to grow and flower as if the little i have was a LOT and more than enough to make me content in the NOW (i say this very sincerely), makes me feel i am a princess. For i think, only real Princesses and Kings know this.

Oh and sometimes we are on disguise. I recognise that too. ;-)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

my love

light, oh dear light,
you always cast a shadow

but it you who i love darling darkness
my handsome (k)night
for when you leave,
you always leave light behind

Friday, May 05, 2006

locks of my hair

not combed my
my thick brownish black hair
for over four days now

knots impenentratable,
loss of locks of hair
and a generally roughness
due to lack of care

today evening i sat down
with my bright green comb
taking a few locks of my hair
and running my fingers through them

how easily they free themselves
i can barely feel any knots in them
smoothly they fall below my waist
and gently they kiss my cheeks

maybe, the knots in our life and relationships
are just as easy to resolve.
all i need to do is,
run my fingers of trust and love through them;
and they shall then, fall like long beautiful strands of hair
peacefully and playfully
brightening my life forever

for it is in the nature of knots to unknot easily,
when fingers dipped in trust and love pass through them.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

ah, my throat

in the morning
i hear the birds chirping happily

in the evening
i hear the children chatterring away joyfully

in the night
i hear myself coughing away mindlessly


quenching their thirst
from the blue waters
of the garden-fountain


white flowers
dance along with the wind
to the music in my room

time to get cosy

when the night comes down
and the moon is shining brightly
i feel the heat in my body once again
and my throat hurts coughing so hard

i feel vulnerable
like if you were here right now
i would just lay in your arms
like a baby

but again? who is to say,
that you're not here?
just becoz i cannot see you
that dosen't mean that you're not here..

just being!

crumpled pink bedsheets
cough syrups
hot water flask and my little steel glass

lying on my bed ; trying to sleep
in my red night gown wth tiny white flowers
surrendering to my body
trusting it and allowing it to make its choices

neither desperate to get well nor remain unwell

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

fever II

the burnt toast
yet another day

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


i feel a layer of heat
all around me

my body burns like
a toast on fire

my long hair feels softer than ever before,
falling easily on my shoulders today

i am so vulnerable and light
i feel i'll melt into the chair
i'm sitting on, right now

Monday, May 01, 2006


you are a hopeless romantic
always falling in love
i see you mating with the moon
almost devouring her

and then there are those days
when you stand aside
and let her illuminate your life
while you bask in her glory

such a lovely chemistry you share
Mr Sky with the Moon goddess