little miss anu

Location: India

There is so much to me, and yet i have such a longlong way to go. I am still discovering myself...everyday i will tell u something more about me

Saturday, April 29, 2006

the nipple

baby pink in colour i am
and i stand out erect
when i feel the slightest sensation

i can pierce through bras
and tops to make my presence felt
i can make men weak on their knees
when i pop my head out

the six hair strands which surround me
make me wild and nasty to look at
take me in your lips and suck me like a baby
devour me and bite me and leave your marks on me
i long to be in your mouth

pull me, make me longer than i've ever been
i will drive her crazy by letting you use me
and abuse me..

Friday, April 28, 2006


the sky is falling in love !
i saw him blushing pink
once again today

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the flight

i sat drinking coffee in the pantry
looking out of the huge glass windows

i saw eagles soaring in the sky
crows and cranes flapping their wings
and cutting through the winds

suddenly i spotted a single sparrow
flying way above the other birds

flying alone, with no fear of heights,
but at its own speed
looking busy, as if it had work to do

in a sky where i can see neither begining nor end
the sparrow still paves a way out for itself

Friday, April 21, 2006

drop of water

plop plop plop
the drop of water falls
from the leaking tap into the bucket

what focus, what perfect shape and size
what consistency in its dropping and the sound
so exquisite is its momentum and the tiny splash in the bucket
a single drop of water, excudes such a perfection

deep down inside, it is so focussed in its activity
not waiting to join the ocean or swim with the fishes & dolphins
blissful in just falling from the leaking tap into the bucket
a single drop of water can be so powerful!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


my company has rated me "outstanding" in my work :-)
and they've recommended me for a promotion

i appreciate myself for begining to trust myself
and acknowledge myself and believe in myself :-)

and i thank you all for listening to my musings
i appreciate your energy, insights
and your love and affection for me:-)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


yesterday i saw ---
a starless sky
a tree without a single leaf
a dry pond

no matter where it is barren,
a dream is being born..


when i think of the swan floating blissfully in the lake
i wonder----
is the lake moving while the swan is still
or is the swan moving while the lake is still?

perhaps, our life and our mind are similar..

Thursday, April 13, 2006

aikido of life

in my last three aikido class
sensei said,

"do not push against the opponent
you are bound to fall on your back
stop resisting, stop obstructing
go with the flow and use his energy
against himself."

i have been wallowing in self-pity
becoz i may not be able to learn aikido in the dojo

maybe it is time to learn aikido in life
it is time to not push against forces
but go with the flow and accept it

there is great power in acceptance
as i am not offerring any resistance then,

i will accept and acknowlege all my creations
even the ones i never wanted..
in doing so, i am not discounting myself
i am allowing myself to continue receiving the gifts of the universe..

afterall !!!
the buddha never went to a dojo to learn
and never had a teacher...

the broken string

the broken string, as we all know,
is not streched in both directions

the broken string, though broken
is free of all tension

calm and contended it is, in its brokenness
not striving, not pushing and nowhere to go

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

need help

universe, universe..
please solve this problem for me

the aikido teachers have told me to go
becoz i have a renal failure
they'r scared that if i die in their class,
i will cause them legal hassles

i called up the director today
and spoke to him about me
he said he'll talk to the lawyers
but told me not to have high hopes

universe, oh dear universe..
i want to learn martial arts
this is my passion and my love
please sort this out for me
i need help universe, please help me..

the dead mouse

a dead mouse lies abandoned
in the sidewalk

young men walking turn their faces away as they approach it
pretty women shirek at the sight of it

the landlady screams looking at the dead mouse
ordering the watchman to get rid of it

a six year old girl, skipping down the street
stops, and looks at the dead mouse and says,
"Look!!! what a lovely dead mouse!
Why do you want to throw him away?
He's just lying there in the corner.
What harm can a dead mouse cause to you?"

Friday, April 07, 2006


she lay there spreading her legs
like a princess being wooed
to the four guys surrounding her,
one kissing her, another licking her hole
the third had laid his head lovingly on her tummy
and the fourth was sucking her breasts passionately

white pure love energy gripped me as i peeked a look
and saw this beautiful sight

in total silence, in the middle of the night,
under the sky they lay,
licking, sucking, fucking and making love

in peace, in total safety and trust
they surrender to each other
not competing, not owning but giving in to love and lust

i blushed and wished i could turn into a dog and join them..

Monday, April 03, 2006

summer again

april sun,
its raining yellow may flowers
slowly reclaiming my little joys in life

focus on self

public toilet in the street corner
pungent stench of urinals
now overriden---
by the sweet fragrance of the bright pink roses
growing gracefully, with no outside influence

Sunday, April 02, 2006

half done painting

from here above i see,
tall trees and huge boulders
i cannot even spot a ray of sun
in the jungle of darkness, in this valley

i hear roars of the wildest beasts
in the form of past memories
and as i crawl trying to find my way out
ferocious tiger thoughts pounce on me

they suck my blood and eat my flesh
till i am drained and lying like a corpse
i yell and scream for help and noone hears me
till i give up and give in and stop and listen to myself

as i focus on myself and my feelings
i realise my emotions are signals
trying to communicate something to me
the wild beasts and the ferocious tigers
are my own creations, something i drew on the blank canvas myself

and with my hand still in the beast's bloody mouth
and its sharp claws digging into my soft flesh
i see, i stand there before me,
with a paint brush and a half-done painting...


my thoughts race past me at the speed of light
my feelings overpower me and choke me tight
like a slave, i am whipped with iron rods

i feel like a beggar in torn clothes, begging for love
standing in my palace, surrounded with beautiful lakes
and enchanting gardens, with magic and mystic everywhere

what is it, that transformed me
from being the master to a slave
from being the prince to a pauper
from being the king to a lowly beggar

my my own eyes

oops! i slipped again

in my quest to reach out to love
i rise and fall like the tidal waves.
in this roller-coaster ride
some moments seem fleeting
and some so painfully slow,
that i think i'll pass out while waiting for them to go..

but there is a quiet exhileration in me
a feeling of triumph,
even as i sit alone, rock-bottom
wondering 'where did all my inner work go?'

in my helplessness and hopelessness
in my vulnerability and restlessness
in my desperation and disturbed pyschic
in my struggle to let go of the past
with my hand still clutching to the memories tightly
i try to loosen the grip, each time,
letting a few painful memories slip through the gaps
from in between my fingers

like a stranded traveller in the desert,
longing for a drop of water
i struggle to wriggle free through the cocoon,
even if it is by crying and wailing out of pain

every time i am caught in these spider webs
i dont give up,
i kick, yell and scream
till i break free..