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Sunday, March 19, 2006

the ordinary princess

Yesterday i purchased this book - the ordinary princess by M M Kaye.I finished reading it too yesterday itself. It is absolutely wonderful. This is a children's book and a fairy tale.

I am begining to realise as i read this book 'the ordinary princess', that being ordinary can be so much fun. And all it requires is to mind your own business.

The ordinary princess had freckles, a snub nose and mousy hair and the royal family could never find a charming enough prince to marry here (unlike her six beautiful perfectly groomed older sisters). But she did not wallow in self-pity or cry or complain or blame the sky for her woes.

She was 'ok' to be ordinary. She accepted her with unconditional love. She did not let her parent's or teacher's or subject's opinion of her or her future affect her. She worked on herself by insisting she has many lovely things to look forward to being ordinary - like smelling the sweet breeze, climbing a tree or running to the forest to play with her pets -the crow and the squirrel.

When the royal family tries to force her into a marraige, she runs away into the forest. She does not ever crave for a handsome prince or this or that. She does not miss being in love (unlike me). Probably, she loves herself so much that she does not need another's love as a reassurance to make her feel better.

Finally when her dress gets torn in bits after days of stay alone in the forest, she learns that she has to work to buy a new dress. And she happily works as a kitchen maid. Even in that she finds joy. She sings while peeling potatoes and hums while scurbbing the pots.

When she gets an off, she runs away into the Faraway forest to play with her pets and collect blueberries.

And as loves herself to the core, and accepts herself as she is, without any grudges and resentment, she weaves her life with an endless unimaginable magic and creates wondrous creations. All this being a mere kitchen maid whose only aim is to save enough to buy a new dress so that she can run back to the forest. But she creates much much more than that in her life.

There is so much 'specialness' in her being so ordinary. I see her striving towards nothing. Totally accepting herself and loving herself. So much that, this whole tale has been told by the author in complete joy and spontaineity without giving the reader any sense of pain or hardship.

This can only come from unconditional love for the self.

This book just poped out of the bookshelf and fell into my lap. I called for the ordinary princess in my life. I am awakening her in me..right now, right here. As i love myself and accept myself, with all my faults and inadequacies, i am creating unbelievable abundance and a wondrous magic around me. And i know now, that the more i love myself unconditionally every moment, the more i am able to offer myself to the nature, the earth, the stars, other people, my loved ones and the humanity at large...selflessly.


Blogger Lone Wolf said...

Hi Anu- I enjoyed your reveiw of "The Ordinary Princes". The way you explain the book makes me want to read it. A while back I was reading alot of non-fiction information type books thinking I would waste my time. After reading ficiton novels, I realized how many great lessons and information you can learn from them. Besides most of the time fiction is more entertaining. Not that I will compltetly stop reading non-fiction, especially books on the Buddhadharma. Just some thoughts. Wish you best.

11:01 AM, March 21, 2006  
Anonymous j said...

beautiful fairy tale anu and i am working on being the ordinary prince

1:27 PM, March 22, 2006  
Blogger anu said...

Lone - Hello :)I love fiction becoz they are so magical and mystical Lone. Anything is possible in them. And they always have a happy ending. I want my life to be such. And through the fiction books i derive the courage to dream of the most wondrous things for myself and believe that it will happen, if not right now then in time.

j- J, we all have them in us. Maybe it is just time to ask the prince to take over :) How were your holidays? Where did you go.

9:58 PM, March 23, 2006  

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