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There is so much to me, and yet i have such a longlong way to go. I am still discovering myself...everyday i will tell u something more about me

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

language of love

a little puppy
nervously hides behind the plants,
long legs pass him
some scaring him and some ignoring him.

a small boy
twice the size of the little puppy
watches him with wonderstruck eyes.
running towards the little puppy,
in his most softest and affectionate voice,
the small boy says, "Meaow"

Dad whispers from behind
"he is not a meaow son, he is a bow bow"
the little puppy runs anyways
into the loving arms of the small boy
and licks his rosy cheeks

the language of love
needs neither correction nor interpretation.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

peace finally!

amidst all the
unanswered questions and unfulfilled dreams,
countless wants and endless desires,
insatiable cravings and lost loves...

somewhere, deep down in the faraway hills,
a lovely pure white swan
floates blissfully,
in a glass mirror lake

Sunday, March 19, 2006

the man and the woman

he stands unshaken rooted to the ground
she dances merrily around him arousing him

together they weave an eroticsm
not even the gods of love can resist

he is the exotic loving caring brown handsome bark,
standing tall on the earth and
she surrounds him in the form of golden green leaves
hypnotising him and mesermising him as he loses control

we call this couple 'tree'

the wake up call

you wake me up
brightening my face
with your warm shining light

i open my eyes
and see the magnificient trees
dancing merrily,
basking in your glory

lying on my bed
still holding on to my pillow
i cannot help feeling the joy
of being a single green leaf or
the cool early morning breeze or
the warm golden sun rays

the ordinary princess

Yesterday i purchased this book - the ordinary princess by M M Kaye.I finished reading it too yesterday itself. It is absolutely wonderful. This is a children's book and a fairy tale.

I am begining to realise as i read this book 'the ordinary princess', that being ordinary can be so much fun. And all it requires is to mind your own business.

The ordinary princess had freckles, a snub nose and mousy hair and the royal family could never find a charming enough prince to marry here (unlike her six beautiful perfectly groomed older sisters). But she did not wallow in self-pity or cry or complain or blame the sky for her woes.

She was 'ok' to be ordinary. She accepted her with unconditional love. She did not let her parent's or teacher's or subject's opinion of her or her future affect her. She worked on herself by insisting she has many lovely things to look forward to being ordinary - like smelling the sweet breeze, climbing a tree or running to the forest to play with her pets -the crow and the squirrel.

When the royal family tries to force her into a marraige, she runs away into the forest. She does not ever crave for a handsome prince or this or that. She does not miss being in love (unlike me). Probably, she loves herself so much that she does not need another's love as a reassurance to make her feel better.

Finally when her dress gets torn in bits after days of stay alone in the forest, she learns that she has to work to buy a new dress. And she happily works as a kitchen maid. Even in that she finds joy. She sings while peeling potatoes and hums while scurbbing the pots.

When she gets an off, she runs away into the Faraway forest to play with her pets and collect blueberries.

And as loves herself to the core, and accepts herself as she is, without any grudges and resentment, she weaves her life with an endless unimaginable magic and creates wondrous creations. All this being a mere kitchen maid whose only aim is to save enough to buy a new dress so that she can run back to the forest. But she creates much much more than that in her life.

There is so much 'specialness' in her being so ordinary. I see her striving towards nothing. Totally accepting herself and loving herself. So much that, this whole tale has been told by the author in complete joy and spontaineity without giving the reader any sense of pain or hardship.

This can only come from unconditional love for the self.

This book just poped out of the bookshelf and fell into my lap. I called for the ordinary princess in my life. I am awakening her in me..right now, right here. As i love myself and accept myself, with all my faults and inadequacies, i am creating unbelievable abundance and a wondrous magic around me. And i know now, that the more i love myself unconditionally every moment, the more i am able to offer myself to the nature, the earth, the stars, other people, my loved ones and the humanity at large...selflessly.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

my night visitor

when the world is fast asleep,
she slides in through
closed glass windows,

i breathe into her essence
her sweet warm fragrance

oh night flower!
with white petals
and orange stem,
you mesmerise me

color the moon

when the sky was lavender
the moon was pink in color

when the sky was dark grey
the moon was peach in color

are you teasing me or
are my eyes painting you
with the colors of my heart?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

invitation to fun

want some fun in my life
been taking life way too seriously

want to dance and let my hair down
want to relax and laugh loud

want to hang around with group of friends
just for the sake of it

just need some bit of fun now
been taking life too seriously

thought of starting a blog
where i will write funny incidents and jokes
about my own life and what happens around me

just realising how hard it is for me to be funny
like joy, it has to come from within and it probably will
when i take my life a little less seriously

by fun i mean --- to just be light-headed,
to not make huge issues out of small things, to not be so petty,
to let go easily and not cling on, to see things in a lighter vein
to be amused and laugh a lot, to have that element of joy in my heart
and a certain spontaeinity in my ways

fun fun come here to me
i miss your presence in my life
fun fun come stay with me awhile
i want to sleep by your side
fun fun be my guest today
i want to amuse myself like a child once again
fun fun stop by my home awhile
i so want you to be a family member
fun fun trust me i am a good student
just teach me the basics once a while...

the lake and the swan

a lake in the the
middle of the hills
sits calmly
in deep meditation

her waters flow
without creating a single ripple
from right to left and
from left to right

so much energy she exudes, that
even the trees are crazy about her
their branches stoop passionately towards her
longing to kiss her cheeks with their leaves

a lovely huge swan watches in awe
seeing her weave her magic by doing nothing
sitting in the banks he muses ---
'oh! what great power in just being yourself'.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

heavenly company

evening turns into night
orange sky to pitch black
the clouds and rays have gone home

still sitting alone outside the cafe
eyes searching the dark heavens
'so i am alone', i say to myself

someone is distracting me ---
a lone star winking at me
blinking, shining so brightly, so merrily
says to me 'i am alone too?'


i and my friend
spent todays evening
staring at the horizon
watching the sun-set

heavens spilled orange juice
across the sky,
thousands of little white clouds floating,
golden light glowing through it

looked like a million suns
were setting in the universe,
one behind each cloud

where each ray became a sun
and each cloud a universe

Sunday, March 05, 2006


There are a few exercises i am going to do from today.

One of them is to appreciate myself.

I have created a space where i will write daily three elements of me which i love and appreciate. This is in a blog appreciateyourself under the chatterbox.

never alone

when you find
that little place in you
that empty space in you
you know
you are not alone

how much can you offer?

how much courage does it take

to stand by yourself
to speak up your mind
to open your heart
to let out your feelings
to trust your own soul
to believe in yourself?


as heavy as a grain of sand
as visible as a speck of dust
as thin as a strand of hair
as filling as a nano second in time
as thick as a ray of light

is enough to move the universe

morning breakfast

on my way to work
i pass through a hill full of
huge trees and green fields
white cranes, moss and grass
long winding roads
fresh water lake
winding creepers and
wild purple flowers

everyday i capture thousands
of these pictures in my mind's eye
fill my heart with earth's love and joy
relishing nature's delicious morning
as breakfast for my soul

Saturday, March 04, 2006


i can run into the fields now
jump high to touch the sky
float on a blade of grass
sleep peacefully on a rose petal
i just tasted a drop of freedom

Thursday, March 02, 2006


the moment i care to listen
my hearts speaks a language
i can now understand

the moment i choose to believe
in myself and my own feelings
my truth comes alive


i spent all my life
searching for 'a truth'
in the eyes of the wise
and in the hearts of the enlightened

only to realise that
there is no 'a truth'
there is only a 'the truth'

and my truth cannot be found
in the most loveliest eyes
or in the most kindest hearts

my truth is in my own heart
my truth is what i believe is true!!!