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Thursday, February 09, 2006

daily lessons

sometimes i wonder...

whether the tree cries out in pain,
when it is being cut down?
what the flower feels,
when we pluck its petals
one by one, for fun?

to my eyes, they don't react
they are simply not hassled
by the events happenning to them

neither do the other trees & flowers
feel threatened by this event

they continue to simply grow
spreading their branches and blossom
as if, they have always
lived happily ever after..


Blogger g said...

I have seen trees lash out at me, when they are not happy with my designs on them.

Other trees are happy when I am pruning their branches, as they know I have their best interests at heart.

When you cut them, trees bleed.

7:17 AM, February 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh to be a tree--blue

9:01 AM, February 11, 2006  

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