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Saturday, November 05, 2005

smelly panties

When i leak, my panties smell of the cunt juice.

You know that pungent intoxicating and disgusting smell?

I love watching myself take my panties off. Its so wicked. I have always wished someone is peeping over me while i do that and rubbing his cock nastily.

I then bring my stained panties close to my nose and smell them. It really turns me on.

I would love for someone to jack off on my stained panties, rub his cock and cum on it.

For now i am watching it lie on the floor and the juice staining the floor....thats how much i leak.


Anonymous dirtydad said...

wow, that sounds so HOT! I would come all over my hand in about two seconds flat if I was peeping at you doing that with your panties.

I love a girl that leaks in her panties ...

9:38 AM, July 15, 2009  

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