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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Reminding myself

I want to work my way to cure my kidneys and be out of dialysis.

I read something very reassuring today. I am posting this in my blog so that i can read it again and again easily.

A physical ailment that is visible (that is, on the "outside") is an issue that is being bravely faced and acknowledged by the ego .... and that ailments that are "hidden" or insidious in nature, and not obvious in appearance, are issues that the ego is not willing or ready to face as yet. - Seth

U will heal when you want to heal. Really want to. Ask yourself what you would have to give up to be healed, what it does for you to be sick. You'd be surprised at the answers if you're honest with yourself. I did the same thing and it turned out to be a desire to get my husband's attention, a desire to get anyones' attention, a desire to be nurtured instead of always being the nurturer (is that a word?), etc. I could go on, but you get the drift.- Lea

All illness is "energy based" - Seth / Abe

Seth advises us to beat up a pillow to get our pent-up frustations out, and I've done that and it works great.I beat it til I was tired, and the next day I had whole new attitude towards that person, who was, quite emotionally distured, actually. - Rick

This means that whatever the emotional problem, it's on its way out ~ out of your body and out of your life. You might help it along a little by seeing yourself in the stage of completion, as opposed to the idea of continuing to suffer it. Meanwhile, don't watch the film, "Alien." - swift

I'm sure this is a sign that your Entity or Soul is working with "you" towards a solution - Hayley

The above were written to different people who are sufferring from physical sicknesses.
And there are other things which R keeps writng and telling me. I will ask him to post it directly as his post.


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