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Saturday, November 05, 2005

R this is for you

R-this is a message for you:

Please do not be angry reading all my feelings about you.

The purpose of this blog as i see is much more than writing sweet poems and inspiring stories. To me it is my life which rolls like a movie here. When i read what i have written i try to get a sense of my beliefs from this. Because its only through these beliefs can i create my reality.

So it is so important that i am really really truthful here. We cuss, bitch and moan in our minds about so many people..loved ones too. We never tell them. What we feel is so personal its in the moment and we could feel differently at different times. Here i am letting you and all those who read this, into my mind. Thats why my blog is stripped nude. Here i have no secrets. Its all out in the open.

I am risking here being manipulated. Its a big risk no matter how good a friend is for him / her to know what exactly i feel day after day. He or she will know so much about me, more than myself. But i am ready to take that risk on. The reason is: because i want to improve myself. I want to be able to have all what i want. I want to work on my beliefs. And most importantly, if i think of it and i feel it, why should i be scared of it or be ashamed of it - why not i express it and then be aware of it so that i can deal with it effectively.

R? i gave you my blog details because i trust you with this really personal and private information about myself.
Please do not take anything what i have written here personally. This all could be a lot of news for you and you must read this blog only if you can handle all this information. I love you and this is not meant against you. It is to clear up the cobwebs in my mind.


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