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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Poems written with a leaking puss: Dinner tonight

Soaking my panties wet
I sit here like a horny bitch
Thinking about him, my fuck master

I want to do him in private
I want to do him in public
I want everyone watching us
And rubbing their dicks

Sitting under his genitals
I seperate his inner thighs
And look up from in between his legs

Seeing the crumpled skin
Joining his cock and balls
Feeling his cum filled balls
Taking his hot iron rod in my hands

Rubbing my leaking pussy on his legs
Bringing my tongue out full of saliva
To lick his cock like an ice cream
I go Slurp Slurp here..

Looking into his eyes
I see him crushing my tities
and mutterring to me what a bitch i am

His abuses turn me on
He asks me how many guys i fucked
I look into his eyes and reveal my secrets

Slapping my ass
Slapping my ass
he pulls me by my hair
and forces his cock in my mouth

I choke and suck and lick
He pulls my nipples and sucks my tits
I feel him heating up
fucking my mouth

I am his slut
His fuckwhore
His nasty little bitch

He cums on my mouth
shoots it all over my face
and forces me to lap it all up

Nice dinner i had tonight
the white hot juice tasted just good
After all the chef was so handsome and hot


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