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There is so much to me, and yet i have such a longlong way to go. I am still discovering myself...everyday i will tell u something more about me

Monday, November 21, 2005

Poem written while feeling embarrassed

Am i complex
Am i an emotinal wreck
Am i hyper sensitive
Am i taking life too seriously?

Is simplicity the solution
Is not analysing the crux
Is reading between the lines the truth
Is my head weaving stories and working over-time?

Why couldnt i just relax and let my hair down
Why do i feel the whole world is against me
Why do i want to choose to feel depressed
Why could i not see the humour in M's blog?

I am begining to feel scared of myself
I am begining to wonder how long it will take, to clean up this crap
I am begining to see the shit all around my head
I am begining to see hope that i can clear it all off someday!


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