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Sunday, November 27, 2005

a little magic into it

Michael and i were discussing about my erotic poems. He loved them and said he writes erotic lyrics and makes them into songs. He went on to say something which i could carry home with me.

He said - "see these lyrics i wrote,i put a little magic into them"

Anu - "what kind of magic"

Michael - "depending on the lyrics and the feeling i put into them. i can make anyone one who reads them feel the same feeling that is intertwined with the lyrics."

I found this fascinating. I find Michael fascinating. He is so very authentic.

Later i read Tree saying "I marvel at the best teachers in my life" about his donuts.

Simple men, simple thoughts but so profound. I never thought what would happen if i add a dash of magic to what ever i do.

Right now i am writing what i am feeling from my heart....sprinkling magic around....i can smell sweet fragrance, feel the warm sun rays on my beautiful brown body and see my soul glowing with light.


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