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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I am lost

I wont write anymore. I made a mess of my life. I have this huge need for attention and approval.

I wrote things about R in a forum and he read the mail. He is upset with me.

No matter how intelligent i sound i am a mess in my head. I love him so much. I cannot handle it if he is upset with me.

The whole issue has been mis understood and i cannot explain anything to anybody.

I cannot stop crying. Today i almost died in the hospital with my blood pressure touching 70/--.

I lost my friend R. My best frieend.

I wont write anymore here. I wont be reading this blog or any mails anymore.

I just need a break!

I am feeling like a loser now



Blogger Jeff said...

You are not a loser.

7:42 AM, November 29, 2005  
Blogger anu said...

I am miserable because i love this man from the bottom of my heart.

I cannot explain what i have done to anyone.

I love him so much,i never want to hurt him...tears.

I care for him.Things were just begining to shape back and now this happenned. I am so tired of everything...crying

8:24 AM, November 29, 2005  
Anonymous The Beast said...

Dear Anu,

How can I explain but I know exactly how you must have felt back then.
Perhaps I can say that to you because I’ve gone through all those things myself.
I also cried and still cry for what I’ve lost and for what I dreamt but never came true.
But something kept me telling that this is not the end. I can’t die like this.
I want to live. Not just for me but for love of my life. And here I am.
I am full of energy and passion. I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain in life


4:21 AM, July 19, 2006  

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