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Sunday, November 27, 2005


When did you receive your last warm hug?

I just received one right now. It feels so warm and cosy to be hugged. I feel so loved and at ease.
I feel like a teddy bear being loved by a young little girl.

Ever wondered what would be the world, if there were no 'hugs'? Mmm the feeling of the bodies meeting, the souls merging and the exchange of warm positive energy...spreading warmth and love and light.

Early this morning, the birds are chirping and the sun is shining brightly, the children are enjoying their winter holidays and are playing in the garden near my house. I can hear the sounds of the 'dobhi' or the laundry guy who is arranging the ironed clothes for distribution below my house on the seat in the building compound. I stay in the first floor.

Early morning i have received so much love and positive energy. Tree just sent me his fondest wishes saying:
"Anu, I wish I was there to hug you right now.
I sense a very special soul resides in your body, a soul both rare and unique.
Burn bright with life my friend..."

A simple warm hug filled with love can do wonders to brighten your day.
Its been such a long time since i received a hug, i am so thrilled to be hugged again.

I am going to pass this one...a nice warm loving hug filled with positive you.


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