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Sunday, November 27, 2005


If laughter is ever the best medicine, i shall considered myself cured of all kidney problems today. I had not been yahooing (not visibily but invisiblily) for last two days. Normally at least once a day i speak to R. R is my best friend an american citizen living in Mahattan. It was two whole days since i have spoken to him. I missed him but i thought i shall not give in into any temptations to call him rather indulge in some self love (i am not talking about masturbation). So i read, wrote poems, saw movies and updated my blog. Today still in the invisible mode in yahoo i saw four mails from R about his budgets. I ran through the figures and mailed the budgets back to him, and pop i get a message on yahoo from him. He knew i was online.

And then we had the most hilarious conversation of the century. I dont know if this will be funny for you because when i told my sister about this conversation she said making strange faces, both R and I are weird and she cant find any humor in this. Certain words used here are in hindi (language in India - i have their interpretations in italics in english - hope that helps hohohaha)

But i cannot stop laughing and if you felt like laughing, leave me a comment pleaseeee...

R: oye dogless - come out of there
Anu: aree
Anu: haha
Anu: laughing here
Anu: so hard
R: why are you hiding? another trick kya? (kya -what / is this)
R: nut
R: i swear
Anu: no yaar some stupid people keep pming me (yaar - friend)
R: every week you have a new trick up your sleeve
Anu: so i went invisible
R: yea right
Anu: btw if being invisible is hiding, you are permanently in hiding
R: hiding behind the tree and throwing stones
Anu: haha
R: i could see the emails popping up
R: and knew you were here
R: nut
Anu: laughing here
Anu: still
R: you cannot justify this by quoting what i do
Anu: laughing still
R: so dont even try your "btw" nonsense on me
Anu: btw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btwbtw btw btw
R: lol
Anu: what do i know you will be sitting here like an owl in the middle of the night
R: i know you've been up to no good for a while now
R: in one of your moods
Anu: laughing here
Anu: cheeks hurting lauhging
R: every few months you do this
Anu: in splits here
R: shaking head
R: you disappear - with this 'oh i dont need anyone in my life, it's okay - i just need to love myself - stuff
Anu: haha
R: then suddenly i hear this lil voice from the river yelling "helllllllp!":
Anu: haha
Anu: laughing so loud here
R: and i go - okay she's out in the open again - a crocodile must have scared her from behind that tree
Anu: haha
Anu: how do you know me so well
R: at some point you realize - neither of us can fool the other
R: it's impossible
Anu: haha
R: but that will not stop you from trying
R: nut
Anu: haha again
Anu: but why you typed this: R: oye dogless - come out of there
Anu: i cannot get over the shock igot
R: because i knew exactly what you were up to yaar
Anu: i almost turned around to see if you were standign here right behind me
R: i could see you, feel you, sense you and even hear you breathe
Anu: haha i believe that now : putting down all my arms : silly grin here
R: i read you blog today and knew exactly what you were up to
R: i mumbled to myself and went back to work
Anu: about what you read
R: see?
R: now she's all curious
Anu: yea tell me
R: comes out from behind the tree
Anu: i never know when you read my blog
Anu: you never leave any comments
Anu: haha
Anu: @coming behind the tree
R: she says "so so tell me what .. did you like it? what did you feel? huh huh? tell no .. oye tell tell fast"
Anu: haha
Anu: yu r making me cry here in laughter
Anu: i could post this conversation next on the blog
R: i know you like i know myself baba (baba - sweet baby)
Anu: i accept defeat baby haha
R: i can sense the smallest change in you - and i know why it's happening
R: no defeat
R: it's adorable - and nutty
Anu: haha
Anu: @nutty
R: and i go on with my work in the forest
Anu: yes i agree by now your room must be looking like one
R: while you trail me and hide in bushes and climb trees - leaving notes for me to find - but pretending you are not around
R: nut
Anu: haha
Anu: luaghing here again so hard
R: letting me know that you have met lovely men
R: and had fabulously enlightening conversations with bakers and your rikshaw driver (refer archives)
Anu: haha
R: and have found the meaning of life
Anu: laughign here again
R: and i nod and go on with my work
Anu: haha
R: till you make so much noise behind your tree - and till i miss you and yell - oye, come out of there now
Anu: haha
Anu: laughing os har d dhere
Anu: @noise behind my tree
Anu: hahaha
R: kahali peeli yaar tension banata tum - jhad ke peeche (means simply giving me tension from behind the tree)
Anu: haha
Anu: what a funny interpretation u hav emade
Anu: so damn purfect
R: bap ka forest hai kya? (is this your dad's forest)
Anu: hhaan bilkul (yup absolutely)
Anu: haha
Anu: dont worry tumko wages milega (dont worry you will get wages)
R: now remember to run home for dinner before it gets dark
R: or i
R: ll
Anu: wat
R: have to come and rescue you from that tree
Anu: haha
Anu: lagughing here
Anu: i hope i can climb down now
Anu: i have climbed to high too fast
R: it's okay. even the tree is used to you, and will bend low for you
R: they all know your tricks
Anu: haha
Anu: laughig here again
Anu: ever thught of writing a comedy story , i could be your main protogonist in it
R: even the tigers have to pretend to be fierce when you are around
Anu: haha
R: so the drama can be maintained
Anu: what do u mean they also are laughing or wht
R: they go home saying "that anu kid was at it again today. and i had to roar and so she could convince everyone that she bravely escaped the tiger. "
Anu: whenever i think i am doing some serious work on myself, why do i end up like a clown like this
Anu: haha
Anu: luaginggggggg
Anu: hahahahhaha
Anu: @that bal kid
R: the snake has to hiss loudly - and lose his sleep
Anu: hahahaha
Anu: crying in laughter
R: and lightening has to strike inches from your feet - abandoning all the other storms - so the anu kid can run back to the village and declare how she fought nature - and won
Anu: hahahahaha
Anu: @the anu kid
R: you're a kid baba
Anu: you are no less okay : you are just a bigger kid thats all
R: and all of nature stops and plays - when you call. except you tell everyone they were attacking you -a nd you bravely repelled them all. and they allow this - because they love you
R: nut you are
Anu: hahaha gosh you know me better than myself
R: no i do not - so dont take me into that swamp now. it's time we went home
Anu: okay good come lets go home then
Anu: you could have done this before
R: or your parents will grumble at me
Anu: i had to climb so many trees
R: and you'll say "yes i was on my way home when he and the tiger and the snake and the lightening attacked me"
Anu: and make soo many coooing sounds
Anu: hahahaha
Anu: you think i live in another world of my own?
R: every time i hear some story about how i ignored you, or made you lose your way - i go "huh?"
Anu: when did i do that
R: then i realize - she is bored and is up to some drama - it will pass
Anu: hahaha
Anu: you sound like the great saying
Anu: during adversities
Anu: "oh this too shall pass"
R: well it does
R: okay so what are you going to be doing next?
R: another huge discovery kya?
Anu: i dont know
Anu: i wrote two new poems
R: you'll find the local water fall and run around saying the whole village is going to be flooded for 40 days and 40 nights?
Anu: hahahaha
Anu: i am not so panici
Anu: just a lil here and there
R: of course you are not
R: you just panic the others
Anu: hahahaha
Anu: i dont mean to at all
R: you'll throw one stone in that water - and convince the baker's son that you rescued the world from a terrible flood
Anu: hahahaha
R: and he will go tell the mochi's (cobbler's) son and the jamedar's (village cheiftan's) daughter and you'll be a heroine for that day
R: then next morning you'll wake up with a new prank up your sleeve
R: god help us all
R: and they all sit on the edge of the river - gritting their teeth, mouths agape - going "wah yaar .. kya ladki!!" (wow what a fabulous girl)
Anu: hahahaha i am so innocent at heart
Anu: hahaha
R: and i have to smile at all of them and go "haan haan" (yes yes)
R: and carry on with my work
Anu: hahahaha
R: till you get bored of them and start throwing pebbles at me
Anu: hahahaha
R: pretending you are nowhere around
Anu: hahahaha
Anu: you knew kya ?
Anu: all the while?
R: firing off emails from your hiding place
Anu: hahahaha
R: of course i knew
Anu: laughing so hard here
Anu: @hiding place
Anu: you are always hiding only
R: no
Anu: i was just like you for two days
R: when you want me i am here
R: but with you it was a plan
R: and i knew it too
Anu: how do i know you want me
Anu: you never leave any offliners for me
R: but you could not resist
R: had to come and throw those pebbles
Anu: i come here every one hour to check
R: lol
R: you know be by now
R: and you know i am stressed
Anu: yea i do
R: i have four days left baba
Anu: that you are always
R: i am a bit scared is all
Anu: i am here no for moral support
R: four days and i leave all that i have here
Anu: and even physical if you need
R: where are you? behind which rock and under which waterfall? nut
Anu: i am always watching over you
Anu: if you need me and i feel that
R: i know that
Anu: i will appear "puuuuufffffff"
R: but you're like a monkey watching me
Anu: monkey?
R: yes they cannot be seen
Anu: oh i am visible monkey now
R: they suddenly appear
R: and either steal bananas
R: or they get up to some mischief
Anu: hahahaha
R: and they hate to be taken for granted
R: it really bugs them
Anu: so you missed me kya
Anu: you know everything
R: why do you think i spend so much on phone calls?
R: hmmm?
Anu: all this while you knew it all
R: to discuss the weather?
Anu: and must have been secretly laughing at me
Anu: while i thought i was so intelligent
R: i know exactly what you are up to, when and why
R: the only time i was thrown was when pinaki (my boss) called
R: and that event triggered your new hiding drama
R: and when you began to hide i knew exactly what you were up to
Anu: hey
Anu: i didnt do any drama i ws just trying to work on myself
Anu: and develop some self love
R: you need lots of attention and it will pull you out of that dark place for now
R: one day you will not need it
Anu: yea i hope so
R: so has the self love work worked?
Anu: i wrote two poems
Anu: thats all
R: yes i read them
R: but - has the work worked?
Anu: i dont know yet
Anu: i cant figure any change
R: you wrote to me to tell me my email was blank
Anu: so far
Anu: yea it had no attachment
Anu: then when i read your next mail i found it
Anu: hyahahaha
Anu: @email was blank
R: anu says in her mail to me after reveiwing my budgets: Oh eh, books you will read / music you will listen to only in Jan 06 for the entire year. Since you have budgeted the expense only in Jan 06.
Anu: lololol
R: see?
Anu: haha
Anu: see you only budgeted it like that
Anu: good u did not say you will eat for the entire year
Anu: in Jan 06
R: here anu goes again on my budget review - her expert comments "I especially liked the dogwalker expense head Maybe you can have a slave under you and take her for a walk."
R: this from a chartered accountant who hides behind trees and throws pebbles
Anu: see the shatterred accountant who throws pebbles from behind the tree makes sense listen to her financial advise haha

I still cannot stop laughing...if you are thinking i am a weird nut...i probably am...hohohohohahahahahahahehehe


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