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Monday, November 21, 2005

First lesson of humor

For all the feelings of dumbness and embarrassment i am going through right now. And having no one to share it with other than type it all out here in my blog, this quote which i just read is giving me some solace.

And maybe i shall repeat this to myself to see the humor in the situations of my day-to-day life henceforth.
Thanks M! I learnt one of my most humorous lessons today in an embarrassing and shocking way.

Since everything is but an apparition
Perfect is being what it is
Having nothing to do with good or bad
acceptance or rejection
One may well burst out in laughter.
- Long Chenpa Ramjanpa

The first lesson here is to NOT take this lesson so seriously and spend all my time whining about it.

Now that should bring a smile onto my face :)
And off i go to bed to dream about the Gates of Horn. :)


Anonymous R said...

Before I launch into my comment, I want to tell you that I am swamped with work and other time-sucking events, so I’m not able to listen / comment / spend time like I used to – before my imminent move to India.

About M’s and jk’s banter: theirs is rather typical American humor. Variations of this brand of humor are used (and abused) by techno/sci-fi-bred American males. When you transport this humor 13,000 miles, process it past 5,000 years of radically different cultures, and filter it through Indian idiomatic lenses (in your case, the lenses of three different languages), you’re going to get distortion. Perhaps this is why tribes of differing cultures went to war. And this is what could happen if aliens attempt to contact us.

To some Americans, you may appear lacking in humor, and to you, they may seem humorless, or even heartless. Wait a moment – that’s exactly what happened here, right? Truth is, you’re all good people in this divine tragi-comedy.

You’re babbling in different tongues, and you should take pause before the tower tumbles. Okay my last sentence is an example of a Judeo-Christian idiom. To quote: “In the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, the various tribes of the world combine to build a tower that will reach heaven. In a single stroke, their efforts come to naught when they are beset with a profusion of languages that prevents them from communicating plans and actions to one another.” The tower comes tumbling down.

Moving along, I have a deeper question for you: why did you go to M & jk with your kidney condition? And why did you present them with details of your suffering when you felt you had been rebuffed? If you continue to define yourself as “Anu of the Failed Kidneys”, and if you continue to use that Anu as your officially recognizable persona, then Framework 2 will oblige you and keep your kidneys perfectly matched to your beliefs.

Moving even deeper: perhaps you were never encouraged to interact freely with those around you – and certainly not with males from different countries and cultures. So, you may be in a phase of learning. And you appear to be walking into challenging courses and classrooms. So guess what? Your kidneys not only liberated you from the “single unmarried Indian girl” syndrome, they are now bringing you lots of friends (and pseudo enemies) and a multitude of lessons from all over the world.

When you begin to believe in yourself, and place yourself gently before others, you may no longer require your kidneys to do yeoman’s work. And they may be able to return to do the work they were intended to do, before this most amazing journey began.

In parting, I thank you and your kidneys for taking me (and so many others) on so many journeys. I look forward to the time when you and those magical organs take a new fork in the road of your beliefs. And when that happens, I know we'll move right along with you. Love and hugs - R

4:01 AM, November 21, 2005  
Blogger anu said...

Thanks R. Now all of this makes perfect sense.

You always have an uncanny ability to uncover deep rooted beliefs and strip them naked.

Thank you. Some time i hope to reach that place.

Sweetie, muaaaaaah.

And oh, i do understand your busy schedule. I was being gentle about that in my post, without accusing you that you are not spending enough time. Now did that sound different to you?

6:51 AM, November 21, 2005  
Blogger anu said...

That was brilliant R and each time i read that comment, i understand something more.

I see what you are saying about the kidneys. And i can see the beliefs poping out, that i seek shelter under the failed kidneys when i am confronted.

That was a valuable insight. Thanks R. And hope ur tummy is better now.

7:04 AM, November 21, 2005  

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