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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Enter R

Yesterday i had a lovely day at work with lots of developments.

I was told at work that Los Angels has gone through the SOX documentation which i sent to them and they said "this is a WOW of an effort and its fantastic".

Further they instructed my company CFO to ask me to do a SOX audit of my ex-boss's department asap and report back to them in detail about the risks therin.

I am shocked because i know that i dont know any one in LA to try pull any influence or any such thing. I dont even know anyone in India, for that matter. I just sit quietly in my own littel corner at the far end of the office and do my work, go for dialysis and return back to work the next day.

Now everyone in my company is talking about me and ass (my ex-boss). They are all saying, "oh the problem was never anu, because the new guy who joined under ass ran away in three months, while anu was with him for 3 years and she fought and came out of his cluthes". Mr B who is head of operations also told me this "Anu, rip off his pants now, after all that he did to you, how much he made you cry. I always knew something was wrong there."

Ass always proved to everyone that i am no good at work. Now i guess with the new guy under him putting in his papers and with LA wanting to do an audit on his department, everyone is getting to know the real truth. Boy, am i glad about it!

This seems like some divine justice.

R has been very deeply involved in my office politics. He calls up everyday and asks about the latest developments. He wants me safe always and advises me on how to build strategies and not become a scapegoat at work. Sometimes i wonder, what i would do without him. When you love someone, you are so vulnerable to their comments right? In my long phone conversations with him, he very hesitantly told me his dilemma.

Which is: I have a blog where i pour in my heart. Especially all the things i am angry, afraid and sad about. I am sometimes too elated to record the happy moments as they are so fresh in my mind, i am still playing and replaying it. Further i say i am open and please dont take all these seriously as these are my deep inner feelings at one particular point of time.

R told me as he reads the blog he wants to react because he is a human being and he has feelings and wants to express them. But my constant statements in this blog asking him to not take things personally freeze his hands. He told me yesterday, people will probably want to stone him after all what i have written about him. But there is an other side of the story too - his side. I was in splits when he told me all this, i dont know why*wicked grin*.He said either he wont visit my blog at all or if he does then he wants to at least be able to post his views as comments as they are his reactions to my posts.

I never thought in those angles. Fair enough. I have welcomed him to post what he wants in this blog. I must confess from the time i have started to write all my feelings down and share it with the concerned person, life has become a little less stress free. Because i dont keep playing my grudges again and again in my mind.

Now inspite and despite of all i write and grumble about him, i spend hours talking to him on the phone and he is the only person i have in case i am in a crisis. He helps me make my presentations, write official letters, advises me on crafting strategies at work, listens for hours about my stories at work and i love to listen when he talks.

Today i am going to show my CFO the strategy he has written about the complex situation wherin i am asked to do an audit of the department of my hostile ex-boss. It is an amazing document and this guy has spent hours writing it. I am so excited to show this to NN and i hope he takes it in the right spirit.

Now may i run to bath? I have to reach work on time. More in the can always expect some hot news here..from me.


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