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Monday, November 14, 2005

Edgar and my rick driver

Today i was to deliver some papers to R's sister Joan. So my sis and i went to meet this old couple. They were apparently harrassed by an accountant who robbed them off their savings. These papers were the only proof and they wanted it very badly.

Joan told me her building had a yellow gate..and that was the perfect landmark to find her place. My sis and i walked towards the entrance of the building.There was a lady directing a family towards the lift and helping them as they had kids. My sis and i decided to take the stairs as it was so crowded near the lift.Then the security guard ran after us screaming "Ayeeeeeee, kidhar jatai?" (means "ohhhhh there where r u going?). I looked at him and said "Flat no 9". I was wondering, do we look like terrorists or sales girls to him? Then i decided that he is just doing his job. They all screamed to a the lady there that i am going to her flat. The lady was interesting looking. I actually liked the way she looked.

She saw me and said "Are you Anu?" I said yes and went down the stairs. She hugged me tight and looked at me from up to down. She was really looking at me very intently.Then she said she will take me to her flat and introduced herself as Joan. When we reached her flat she looked at me again and asked me "Are YOU the one on dialysis?" and i said "yea". Then she said "Hows your health?" I said "its good" She then said "No one will ever guess that you could be on dialysis."

Joan was very upset that her house was being painted and hence it was messy. As we entered, we saw an handsome old man with a perfect body coming out from the bedroom. Something about him that i was immediately drawn towards him. Joan introduced me and my sis to him. I recognised him as Edgar (thanks to R's descriptions:-) ). He looked up at us with the most mischevious and sparkling eyes i have ever seen. (The only other person who has such beautiful eyes is R ;-) himself). Edgar then gave us a warm welcoming smile. We sat at the coffee table the four of us. Joan brought something to eat for us. My sis gave her the apples we purchased for them.

Joan then told us things about herself and all the things she did. Her conversations were pretty much like what R had told me. She had this little girl in her who had so much to say and who wanted to be the center of attention. Kinda sweet. The sweetest person there was her husband - Edgar. He was pulling her leg all the while saying "she was known as Indira Gandhi", when Joan was proudly telling us her victorious stories. She would look at him and warn him not to be sarcastic towards her and he would laugh like a teenager in love. My sis and i really loved Edgar.

Something about that old old man. It was so easy to talk to him.Such a feeling of warmth we felt around him. He had this mischief in his eyes. And his smile was so wide and clean and from this heart. He was always pulling his wife's leg. He had some witty super humerous remark at the end of every story Joan said so seriously. It was so hilarious, my sis and i were in splits. And while Joan was talking about how she made a difference in so many lives, Edgar would give her a strange look with this little twinkle in his eyes and when Joan would look at him, he would nodd nonchanlently and say "oh yes yes i am listening" and wink at us.

Something so lovely about this old old man who has a son who is 40. (Just to give you an idea as to how old he is). Yet there was such an amazing feeling while he was around. It was so easy to be with him. This couple has an high profile son and an amazing brother (R - Joan's bro). While Joan was raving about them, Edgar not once mentioned them. No name dropping - not even of his own son. He just went with the flow. Totally calm and composed.

I really loved Edgar. What more can i say! Though Joan was also really nice and lovely. Joan showed us her entire house and then we were going to leave. We had spent an hour with them. Edgar was joking with me all the while saying "oh anu look how well i take care of my kidneys" he said raising his beer bottle ;-) He reminded me of my grandfather, who i so so so admire. My grandpa would be just like Edgar. He would not indulge in any gossip. He would not pass any judgements. He was not manipulative. He would not make any snide remarks. He had an energy about himself. A glow on his face. I could see all of that in Edgar. I have a huge crush on that old old man...mmmm ;-) i mean it.

When we were leaving, Joan hugged us and so did Edgar. My lil sis never even lets anyone touch her. And i was shocked when i saw her standing behind me waiting to say byebye to Edgar. Edgar said "aah anu, you have got your share and now it is her turn. She has come for her share of hug".

After that we went for an hilarious movie - my sis and I. We offered our rick driver Rs 100 as tip for taking us around all morning. But he would not take it. He just refused matter what. He is so poor, he could have easily taken it. Talk about integrity! He said, he wouldnt mind spending the whole day with us and he wont take any tips from me. He said he was touched at the love and affection we gave him and that is more than enough a tip for him.

Surprises never cease. right?

Today we learnt through

the humility,the joy and the spontaneity in Edgar's eyes and the integrity of my rick driver on one hand, and

from the rude remarks of Dipti (at my work place) who refused to let me use the company scanner for scanning company documents and yelled at me from the passage:

that -

"Greatness wears no decorations;
Pettiness too wears no uniform."


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