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Sunday, November 20, 2005

the butterfly effects

Yesterday i saw a movie "The butterfly effects". And i was totally stunned by it. The main protogonist was a guy X, who is a psychology student in cambridge university. He reads a theory about going into the past and changing what you don't like about it. As he ponders over the theory, and what he would like to change in his past, he is reminded of some incidents in his childhood which has shaped him and a few of his best friends (esp Jenny, his childhood sweetheart) into what they are "Now".

He recollects some horrific incidents -like his best friend killing a dog, Jenny's father into child porn, the kids blowing up a woman and her child and the such.He tries to get in touch with his friends and finds that his best friend is mentally challenged, Jenny is working in bar, her brother is drunk. He then tries to go back into the past to change some events. Each time he changes one event, an whole new probability happens. In one probability, he rescues jenny from his father, but the bro is still with the father so he and jenny have a good life and eventually bro comes hunting for them. In another one, Jenny is a prostitute. In a third, the best friend never kills the dog. The fourth, X jumps to save the woman from the blast but he loses his arms and jenny loves his best friend, in the fifth he kills jenny's bro and goes to jail... and so on.

The movie ended by he getting confused and finally coming back to his very own life - student in the cambridge university studying psychology.

Now what fascinated we was that he actually jumped probabilities and went back in the past and changed it. But his beliefs were the same, so he created challenges in each probability and when he was stuck with them, he jumped probabilities, went into the past and tried another combination.

All these probabilities existed at the same time. And all the people knew him the moment he intersected with another "X" in another probability. They did not know his past but they knew him as per the role he was playing in their lives in that particular probability.

That led me to thinking: Seth says: we create our own reality and we can recreate our present, past and future and there r countless probabilities running live alongside the one in which we are right now.

R and I discussed this and we reached the following conclusions:

Imagine, if we actually did jump probabilities, or we could actually "create" whatever we want in split seconds in our life. We would jump into different lives. But if we have not done our belief work yet, we may be lost like X and keep creating the same confusions like X did.

This made me realise the immense importance of our learnings and our internship in this physical reality. Before we move into other dimensions where our thoughts can create the reality we want. If our thoughts were to create our reality instantly here, what a chaos it would be, if we are not ready for it. This minute i am thinking of new york city and i would be there, then i would be jumping off a cliff, then maybe belly dancing in brazil to marooned in an unknown island to a prisinor in Iraq.

I am realising the tremendous importance of "being here" and learning my lessons here. Its all very well to say: i want to create my reality every moment, but if the homework is not done and thoughts were to manifest into physcial reality the moment the thoughts cross the mind, i may be in utter chaos and lost if i don't have 'control' over my thoughts.

I am really begining to appreciate the phase i am in for what it is worth. Rather than waiting for the boat to cross the river to reach the other side. What we are learning is so so relevant and important for the next level, now its begining to make a lot of sense to me.


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