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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bursting crackers and bursting orgasm

Today i went to visit my grandmom. I had such a lovely time there. My cousins and i burst crackers. Its been so long since we had so much fun. We were laughing till our cheeks hurt and our stomachs ached. My grandmother was so happy:) I really love her so much.

From there mom and i went to Stephen's Optics to buy lenses for me. My eyes had begun to start watering as i was using the old pair for almost 4 months now which is way beyond the expiry date. There i met Diana (the optician) who told me that she offerred special prayers for me at a church in Kerala. I was so touched. She even offerred me a huge discount on the lenses:)

I am very happy right now thinking of the happy lovely moments of my day. There was a time when i would be so tensed and could count the happy fearless moments i had in a month. I used to be so nervous and tensed all the while.

Hey i am feeling horny...looking at some pics agro sent me...of a woman stripping down to her panties. Women and men both make me hot..i must be a bi right? Today i masturbated twice..and i am working my way to do it the third time now;-) When i am horny i want to tear off my clothes and pull my nipples and make ugly faces looking at the mirror. Sometimes i stuff my panties in my ass crack and shake my ass and watch myself behaving like a shameless bitch in front of the mirror. Sometimes i let one tit pop out and crush it in my palms. Once i tried putting a cucumber too inside my fuckhole.

Here is an interesting conversation between Michael and me and he makes me so horny that i want to fuck him:

Michael (M): what if i was to grab you,bend you over a table and started fondling you
Anu (A): i would love that and let you do whatever you want
M: and pressed my crotch up against your bottom rubbing it up on your ass while i was caressing your breasts
A: aah you are turning me on now
M: lol,your breasts getting firmer,pussy's getting wet,starting to loosen up a bit
A: yea nipples sticking out and thighs sticking together with wet juice tickling down my pussy
M: i bet you would,even more when i start to use the cold tongue bar on them. just imagine that cold cold
bar,sliding in between your pussy lips,ball rubbing up against your clit every stroke upward i make with it
A: do you kiss well?do u like to be kissed?
M: i've been told i kiss extremely well and yes i like to be kissed
A: i cannot understand whats all this fuss about a kiss.
M: a kiss can tell you many things,just by how it was performed

Then i showed him this blog and this is what he said about it: damn girl,that was some wickedly,whorish type shit,i love it. youl ittle whore . i've used food during sex,hot wax,whips,handcuffs,i like to be spanked i'm a freak,i'll blow your mind in the bedroom. yep,yu're a dirty dirty lil girl..but thats good cause even though you're inexperienced,i'm sure you'd back that beautiful ass up pretty damn good when it got to that point. it would make me want to touch your soft creamy skin and caress you from head to toe. you have no idea baby,you wanted to be fucked like a whore,i could do that,i'd bend you over something fierce,ram my cock into you while grabbing and squeezing and slapping your firm beautiful ass grabbing and tugging on your hair asking "you like this cock bitch? you liked to be fucked you dirty little cunt" slamming that pussy hard.

Gosh he really makes me so horny i am pulling my panties down now.


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