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Saturday, October 29, 2005

the most beautiful woman in this world

My periods just got over yesterday and i am already burning with heat today. I logged on into my fucking id and let the whore in me take charge. I seduced a couple of guys till i was so mad in excitement. I then went to the favourite spot in my room... the corner of my bed and sat there staring at my naked body in front of the mirror. I love my puffed tits which look like muffins and the erect long nipples standing out staring at me. My flat tummy and my hairy pussy looking so inviting. I kept my soft nightdress on the bed and sat there like a whore with my legs spread apart. This is so turning on. My mind then immediately went to NN my boss and CFO. There is something about him which i really like. And also the fact that he is soooo fond of me and respects me so much.

If you dont know much about me? Let me tell you, i get turned on by different men and i love to fuck different men. All of this are a direct attribution to my first relationship with siddharth who used to get turned on by his woman fucking different men. I let NN take me. It felt really good. When you know someone really likes you and loves you for what you are, then you can feel the respect when they take you in their arms and you can easily let the whore in you emerge. The woman in me dissapeared and the whore in me emerged with NN and i let his hands pump my tits and let him suck me so hard. And as he got nastier and whispered vulgar things in my ear i let myself go and licked his nipples as he pounded me hard with his cock fucking me like his used bitch.

I felt so connected to him and i let go and as i was fingering myself i felt his warmth around me circling me like a bubble and a deep sense of love and affection. I let go and came hard on his cock and probably passed away in his arms as he lay me gently on the bed. I was wondering what his wife and his daughter would think of me if they came to know. I wished things were not so complicated... i wished it was easier to reach out to someone with whom you can connect with.

I could feel his hot throbbing body touching my soft skin and he holding my tightly deeply in love. Maybe we are connected to each other in some other way too. When i woke up and saw myself in the mirror..i saw a beautiful face with lovely deep brown eyes staring at me. Long brown black locks of silky hair on either side covering my bare naked breasts. My beautiful brown body sparkling in love and shining through the mirror. I felt i am the most beautiful woman in the world....


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