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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lazying and wasting my time on a sunday

Today i woke up at 6 am to do yoga. I could not relate much to the Upanishads on tv so i took my Seth and started reading it while doing Kapalbhati Pranayam. I took one hour to do 30mts of Pranayam. I went to bed again at 7 am and woke up only at 10:30am. I spent the rest of my day chatting aimlessly on net and i ended up cyberning to let out all the whore in me. Oh how i enjoy masturbating.

I followed that with a nice lovely bath with the new shower gel i purchased :) And i shampooed my lovely long brownish black hair. If there is something i love while taking a hair bath is applying my favourite Osmos conditioner...i am nuts about it.

I eat my lunch at 2:30pm...sambar and beans. Oh how i wish i can stop eating the crap "yellow banana chips" which i loveee so much. Its so bad for my health still i cannot resist it.

Now i am back here on the net to chat a bit. I am liking agro now a days but i think its more becoz he is so lavish in his praises for me. I am kind of enjoying all the attention i am getting from him.Why am i such an attention seeker? Is it becoz i have not had any bfs so far. Thanks to the nice girl image i had till i was 27.huff...what a waste!!

But everyone enjoys a bit of attention. Even R. He is 58 and still enjoys all the attention he gets from all this gfs....i am one of them who praise him lavishly. There is something about this man which is so exciting though he is 58, which makes me crazy for him. Its hardly his sex appeal. Its much more than that. He says things at a metaphyscial level which i can so relate to and which goes right into me. Thats what i love about him.

Ag is busy, he has not pmed me on yahoo and i feel that i will give him too much attention by pming him. lets see what i do finally....


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