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Sunday, October 30, 2005

I love you

I am in love
I am blushing pink and red
I can see my eyes lit up at the sight of that special someone
I want to dress up for him
I want to learn to cook for him
I want to touch his shirts and feel the fabric on my face when he is not around
I want to run my fingers on his soft hair
I want to walk into the bathroom when he is bathing and give him a good rub on his back
I want to wait on him impatiently till he comes back from office
I want to run in full speed to open the door for him
I want him to drop everything on hand to lift me in his arms when he gets home
I want him to play with my lovely long brownish hair
I want to help him pack and neatly fold his clothes
I want him to suddenly put his hands into panties and fish for my clit
I want him to insist that i leave the door open when i bathe
I want to dress him up right from his undies to his tie at least once a year
I want to whisper sweet nothings in his ears
I want him to look into my eyes and get lost
I want us to sit and talk and talk till we fall asleep
I want him to tell me all his fantasies
I want to let him have sex with anyone he loves and not feel jealous or resentful about it
I want him to tell me " I love you anu"
I want to die in his arms
I want to meet such a man...
I know he exists right now somewhere
I love my man


Anonymous The Beast said...

Sarcastic Me: If you are such a woman, then I am the man.

3:01 PM, July 16, 2006  

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