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Monday, October 24, 2005

i have been having lots going on in my life

I have so many things to tell you. So much is happenning in my life. After a very long time people are begining to notice me. On last thusday i gave a SOX presentation to Geo with N N and P. I had spent the earlier night working away at office till 12:30 pm.

Anyways, the next day i gave a fabulous presentation to Geo. He was far far more impressed with me than NN and P and at one point he lifted all the papers and shook them in the air and said, "This is the best presentation i have ever received across channels, across 57 nations in the world including the home office." and both NN and P could not help but look at me with awe muttering "Wow" and "Great". That was a memorable moment.

I have so much in me and its high time that it all comes out and i get the respect that i deserve. And guess what? I am begining to like myself very much now.

This thusday Divya will be visiting R. When R told me i felt jealous. I have never visited Manhattan and not to Rohit's party of course. Then almost immediately i reminded myself that i must let them both just BE..for heaven's sake. R has told me this umpteen times and keeps reminding me almost in every phone conversation by reiterating the "friendship" point. I have no reason to feel jealous or to feel anything at all when two people meet and spend some lovely time together right? Though i am happy for Divya as i think she is a real sweetheart a baby and she really really loves R. My heart goes out to her as i know for sure that no matter what, she will be there for him.

I miss the presence of that special person in my life once in a while. I miss being in the arms of someone whom i love and feeling so damn safe. I miss being the special woman in my man's life. But having said all of that, I am begining to enjoy my single status.

I am such a lovely beautiful, so deep, intelligent i am sure i must have had steamy lovely stormy relationships in my past lifetimes with lovely beautiful people. Love sex everything. Maybe thats why i am taking it so easy and my logistics.

I am back from dialysis and eating porridge. i have promised myself that i will eat only good and healthy food. Tommorrow is JK's last day at work. I am feeling sad for him. I have begun to really like that guy and i see he is nuts about me :) All girls and boys are begining to like me now.

Hey hey i got to tell you something. Noel (ni's ex boss who came with us to the party) had told me on the party day that i have the most expressive eyes he has ever seen. The poor guy waited for me for two hours at the party and i thought that was so sweet.

And guess what? angela gifted me a beautiful blue watch which has singapore timing. I could not meet her to thank her as i had dialysis , maybe i shall write to her tomm.

Today i had some lovely convos with R. He has gone to eat now and i better jump into bed. I have to reach work early tomm and get lots of work done.I am getting the "CEO'S EXCELLENCE AWARD " this year yipppeeeeeeeeeeee:)


Anonymous The Beast said...

Belated Congratulations Anu!

3:12 PM, July 16, 2006  

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