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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

early morning blues

Its 8 am in the morning and i am lazing around. I want a holiday today booooohoooooo. I hate to go to work in the mornings. I love to sleep early mornings right from 7 am is such a satisfied feeling.

But don't i have to get the CEO's award for excellence this year? So i must go to work. Today i suddenly realised how much at ease and peace i am with respect to my life and work. God! i shudder at the thought of those days when i used to worry about what ass wud do to me.

I guess life has a way of balancing everything. I have a link to Seth's audio clips and from the past three nights i have been diligently listening to them. Everytime i do that, something really extra-ordinary happens.And my dil goes mmmmmmmmm.....

Meet ya in the evening with more news...gotto rush my rikshaw wala is waiting:)


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